Board of Directors

Kristy Grainger photo Kirsty Grainger, President

Kirsty joined the FCSA board in 2011, and has two young daughters enrolled at the Fauntleroy Children's Center. Kirsty is a West Seattle native who attended Fauntleroy School as a kindergartner, and joined the FCSA board as a way to reconnect with the community she has long called home. Kirsty works for the City of Seattle, where she is the manager of Financial Planning and Rates for Seattle City Light.
Sherry Lehmann photo Sherry Lehmann, Vice-President

Sherry has served on the board since 2001. She has lived in the Fauntleroy community for over 20 years with her husband, Devin, and their two sons, both of whom attended Fauntleroy Children's Center for many years. Sherry works for Laird Norton Tyee as the Director of Human Resources.
Vicki Schmitz photo Vicki Schmitz, Community Rep

Vicki has lived most of her life in West Seattle and the last twenty five years in Fauntleroy. Vicki retired a few years ago from the Port of Seattle and King County. Her son Dietrich worked at FCC and his children Ilse and Gunnar Schmitz are alums. As a Fauntleroy Community Association board member for many years, she was delighted to be asked to join the "Fauntleroy Community Service Agency" several years ago.
Laura Tyler photo Laura Tyler, Community Rep/Former FCC Teacher

Kim Tabor photo Kim Tabor, Community Rep/Taproot Parent

Sara Maxwell photo Sara Maxwell, Community Rep

Sara has lived in West Seattle since 2010 and became a regular at the Schoolhouse in 2014 when her daughter started attending Taproot School. In addition to serving the Schoolhouse, she is also on the board of Seattle Children's Playgarden and actively volunteers with other organizations that serve children and families, especially those with special needs. Sara is a certified wine trade professional and wine consultant who can be found working with individuals and retailers at wine events around Seattle.



Kim Sheridan photo Kim Sheridan, Executive Director

Kim moved to Seattle in September, 1978, the same time the child care center opened its doors. Kim began as a substitute teacher and in April of 1980, Kim became the Director of the Children's Center and now serves as the Executive Director of the FCSA and FCC. Kim is proud to be a part of the Fauntleroy community and enjoys working with the many people she has met over the years.
Lauri Cunningham photo Lauri Cunningham, FCSA Coordinator and Secretary

Lauri has lived in West Seattle all her life. She began working at Fauntleroy Children's Center in 1983 as an infant room teacher. In 1993 she moved to the FCC office, and in 1997 she added the job of Agency Coordinator for the Fauntleroy Community Service Agency.
Denise Wallace photo Denise Wallace, Property Manager



David Allen
Brian Bowers
Barb Linde
Warren Tock
Wendy Weeks
Jennifer Beard
Dr. John H. Pierce, FCSA Board President Emeritus
Sandi Fukumoto, FCSA Board President Emerita
Kevin Wooley, FCSA Board President Emeritus