The Fauntleroy Schoolhouse offers affordable rental rates. Our classrooms, meeting & event spaces are designed to serve as multi-purpose flex spaces. The rooms provide a historic feel in the Fauntleroy Schoolhouse. Our historic building is rented by organizations, businesses and individuals for classes, meetings, lectures and private events. To inquire about renting space at the Fauntleroy Schoolhouse, please download our Hourly Rental Application . You may also contact Denise Wallace, Property Manager via e-mail or call 425-445-4064 for further details.
Areas Available
Conference Board Room A Activity/Event Room 4
• Great room for: • Great room for:
- Meetings - Martial Arts
- Staff Retreats - Pilates
- Lectures - Zumba
  - Private Events
• 425 square feet • 850 square feet
• Carpeted • Bright, open space with natural light
  • Chalkboards
  • Carpeted
  • Old school charm
Capacity Capacity
• 8-15 seated around table • 10-25 movement
• Chairs available upon request • 60 persons standing
Area Hourly Rates Deposit(s)
Conference Room $  30 $200
Activity Room 4 $  30 $200
Room for the Day $200 $200
If you would like to rent one of the above rooms hourly, return a completed Hourly Rental Form . The form can be returned by either bringing it to the Fauntleroy Schoolhouse office, 9131 California Ave. S.W. with your deposit; or by using Adobe Acrobat Reader with a digital signature and e-mailing the digitally signed form to Denise Wallace, Property Manager , then bring in your deposit to the Schoolhouse (after receipt of the e-mailed form, and until the payment is received, the room will be held for only 24 hours). If you would like to rent one our rooms on a long term basis, return a completed Long-Term Rental Application to Denise Wallace, Property Manager, at the Fauntleroy Schoolhouse office, 9131 California Ave. S.W. The form can be filled out by hand or by using Adobe Acrobat Reader , however the Rental Application must be hand signed for notary purposes.