Fauntleroy Community Service Agency (FCSA)

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Our Mission
The Fauntleroy Community Service Agency (FCSA) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to making our historic Fauntleroy Community Schoolhouse a vibrant community center where children, families, and other community members can come to learn, play, meet, celebrate and support one another. Central to our mission is operating the Fauntleroy Children's Center, a nationally accredited nonprofit child care organization offering local children high quality early learning experiences.  Our target population is residents of the Fauntleroy neighborhood and contiguous West Seattle communities. 

Need Rental Space?

Looking for space to rent with a welcoming ambiance? The Fauntleroy Schoolhouse offers an excellent, scenic location with affordable rental space for meetings, classes and community events. For more information, see Rentals.

We would be delighted to add you to our growing list of neighborhood organizations. Contact Denise Wallace at 425-445-4064 to explore how we can meet your needs.

Tell Your Friends & Neighbors

We need your support to build a thriving community center, keep our current programs and create new programs. Become a part of the Fauntleroy Schoolhouse community by donating financially or by volunteering. Start a class, workshop or program. We love supporting classes and clubs;  yoga to karate, belly dancing to salsa, wine tasting to book clubs, home and garden classes to children's music classes.

Have an idea for a program, class or event? Let us know!  Email your ideas to fauntleroyschoolhouse@yahoo.com or see About Us.