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   Name   Memories
   Arney, Tom    softball over the fence into the scotchbroom, tetherball, stepdad - Mr.Benner kept an eye on my highjinks,Ms.Reindel played QB,great hot lunches,Mrs Langbehn scoldings, singing w/Mrs Dial,forced to sq dance w/girls,100pt recess bball
   Ballou, Mary (Ballou-Stoner)   My surprise baby shower may 1999
   Chrisman, Brad    I attended Fauntleroy from 3rd grade (1965-66) through 6th grade (1968-69). My teachers were Bodrero 3rd, Gattis 4th, Reindell 5th and Snyder 6th. I've attached photos from the 1969 6th grade yearbook. Our 6th grade teachers were Minier, Begley and S
   Chrisman, Ed    Class of 1947. The last midterm class in the school district. Remember teachers Miss Poly Sweet and Miss Hussey. The Principal was also our soccer coach. Still know many of my classmates. Part of the experience was going to Gray Y Gym class across the street and play on the trampoline.
   Chrisman, Jim    I attended Fauntleroy School through most of WW2. I remember that we had lots of air raid drills. We also had paper drives and tinfoil drives as part of the war effort. For bringing in lots of paper we were rewarded with army stripes that could be sewn on our coats. There was a St Barnard dog that lived close by named "Fauntleroy" and he liked chasing our soccer ball when we played and I think he actually could get it in his mouth. In the winter you could come early and hang out with the janitor
   Coats, Lynne (Chestnt)   Leaf houses, wonderful friends, going to the YMCA for lots of activities, and having to walk through the woods behind the Fauntleroy Church to get to school. (Rain or shine) My 2 brothers and my dad all being Fauntleroy Elementary Graduates!!
   Crandell, Brad     I attended Fauntleroy from 1rd grade through 6th. I loved recess, softball, crossing guard. Going to the YMCA after school. Ms Gattis. Walked to school every day from our home on Henderson St.
   Crovisier, Michaelle (Crovisier)   Grew up behind, (south) of the YMCA & CHURCH WHER I WENT TO PRE-SCHOOL. (LITTLE Pilgrims) My brothers Keith (KC) & Harold (Bud) aldo attended k-6. Best memories: Mrs. YEWELLS, Mr Wagner, Mr. SNYDER, crossing guard, Our principal, math, Mr Wagner reading, science, gym, class parties. I learned a lot about people, goid bad and kids.♡♡
   Dunbar, David    ms. Mundt
   Durham, David    Do you remember when the students all gathered along the front of the school to watch the motorcade of General Douglas MacArthur pass by? I will never forget it.
   Durkee, Karen (Dixon)   I attended Fauntleroy School for four years, 1961 - 1965, 3rd through 6th grade. I had fun on the playground making houses out of the big maple leaves and playing tetherball. Also remember working in the lunch line and watching nature movies in the
   Fraser, Jeffrey (Fraser)   I remember Miss Caster, she was my first grade teacher and to this day my favorite of all time.
   Frost, Karen (Wilson)   Came to Fauntleroy School for 5th and 6th grade. Made good friends that I still have today. Great neighborhood for families.
   Green, Claudia (Games)   My favorite teachers were Mrs. Carlson (1st grade), Mrs. Skotheim (3rd grade) and Mrs. Dial (6th grade). Several of us were rather bored in 4th grade, so put together a musical of Hansel and Gretel, that was performed for the PTA. Of course the teac
   Hashimoto, Glenda (Lee)   I was so excited to serve as a patrol officer and earn my first "letter!" It was fun to stuff leaves in the playground fence in the autumn to spell words, spin around on bars, play red light, green light and capture the flag. Had many memorable years of spelling bees in the auditorium. Some of my best school years ever!
   Howard, Bruce    I was a student at Fauntleroy School from K-6, 1951 through 1957. I have fond memories of my days at Fauntleroy, from my unforgettable teachers to my times on the playground and in the lunchroom.
   Johnson, Mary (Steyh)   Looking for "jewels" in the sand along the edges of the playground, during recess. (The jewels being bits of colored glass.) Also playing house at recess, with one boy and about four girls.
   Kannitzer, Bruce    In the fall the big Maple tree leaves would collect along the south side of the playground. The girls would make outlines of houses by piling leaves in a line to form a room. A group of boys would put their arms out like airplanes and run across the playground and shuffle their feet to mess up the leaf piles and get the girls to chase us.
   Karlstrom, Ernest    Otto and Alva Karlstrom family moved to beach place in Fauntleroy cove 1921. The oldest of five brothers was Rey who started grade school age 7. My four older brothers are deceased, I the youngest now 89 years. For all of us, the schoolhouse, church, and YMCA were the focus of our activities. One of my great memories is caching site of the Osprey with Lawrence or Ken Colman at the helm steaming into the Colman beach dock to pick us up for that idyllic week at Horsehead Bay. Ah, memories.
   Lintott, Donel (Same)   Loved recess Only had to go see the principal once Hated shot day Ring around the May pole is a memory Went to lunch at my grannies across the street and could walk alone during that time Was a crossing guard
   Lutz, Diane    Getting picked to go to the "big kid" playground. Sleep over night with Oreos! St Pattys secret leprechaun putting cookies in our lunch.
   Marshall, Cindi    I remember going there after attending Schmitz Park Elementary and having teachers who cared and helped me get caught up during the 2nd half of 1st grade. I also remember having to wear pants under my dress or skirt and then taking it off when I got
   McCormack, Katharine    I was student helper in the office the day of the 1965 earthquake. We were there when President Kennedy was shot. Girls had to wear dresses, but wore shorts under our skirts for recess. A car rolled into the kindergarten classroom after hours. + more
   McPhee, David    I lived for recess. Kickball, keep away, just the social interaction of it all. When it rained it was dodge ball in the gym. Awesome fun!
   Patterson, Nancy (Hamlin)   I have many wonderful memories of Fauntleroy School. Some of the best memories revolve around having Mrs. Herren for my teacher for both 4th and 5th grades. I thought she was the most wonderful person in the world next to my mom. She understood children so well and taught me many skills that I could used in my own teaching career.
   Peverly, Susan (Steyh)   Mrs. Beall 3rd grade in portable–she punished boys with an old green slipper. Selma Herren, 5th grade, told us we were such good learners that UW students were coming to watch us-actually she was the model teacher they were observing! Watching Queen Elizabeth coronation at homes of kids with TVs!
   Ramfield, Katharine (Katie) (Pierce)   I remember walking to school every day and meeting friends along the way. I loved working in the cafeteria and having the library in our 6th grade class.
   Rasmussen, Dennis    Many fond memories formed in that old building. Mrs. Faddock was soooo nice.
   Reeves, Bobbie (Peterson)   I remember square dancing at the Spring Fling!
   Sayre, Matt    Principal Sivert Skothem--great leader of the school and in the community; teachers Ruth Hussey, Aurora Johnson, Blanche Dody (sp), Mrs Smith and Mrs Salmonsen. Ms Thomas our 2nd grade teacher was unbelievable. Adjoining church/YMCA was invaluable to our coordinated education as was Camp Colman.
   Selle, Saundra    It took FOREVER for the sole oil burner to heat the portable in the morning /// My sister won a black/green Fauntleroy beanie at the school carnival --- I was so envious! /// Patty Moline tricked me into riding my bicycle alone for the first time while we practiced after school, then one of the boys tossed my bike down the ravine /// Mrs Landahl called me "Lady Jane" whenever she was annoyed, which was often, as I sat up front because I was short /// Mrs Dial kept moving my desk around the room
   Senatore , Bonnie  (Morse)   My mother Gladys Morse (Palitzke) myself, sister and brother and my daughter attended Fauntleroy. Three generations.
   Shannon, Donna    Paddy walls and I just went through the Fauntleroy school 1957-1958 paper year book yesterday. Our photographs with most signatures of the students from Mr. Benners, Miss Dodte and Mrs. Dials classes. Brings back such fun memories! anyone else still have their yearbook?
   Stimpson, Virginia (Couden)   My brother (Bill), sister (Barb), and I attended Fauntleroy school and then headed each afternoon for activities at the Fauntleroy Community Church and Y.M.C.A. We felt very much a part of a caring community, one that afforded us a great foundation for further learning and for working for and caring for others.
   Wallace-Baker, Lisa (Wallace)   I can barely remember the names & spelling of my teacher! Kindergarten - Mrs Yules 2nd - Mrs. Cook 3Rd - Ms. Stevenson 4Th - Ms Mangilarti 5th - Ms Reinert Gym -Ms Ewing Being a patrol crossing guard, and working in the lunchroom selling cartons of milk for .07 cents.
   Whittaker, Jim    fun and adventure--good memories
   Wood, Connie    student from 1958-1965; my sons were in daycare from 1982-1986. memories: spring flings, leaf houses, earthquake, JFK death, halloween costume parade, spanked by Ms. Mundt