• 1917 Schoolhouse
  • 1918 Schoolhouse
  • 1960 Schoolhouse
  • 2013 Schoolhouse
  • 2015 Schoolhouse
Above Centennial Pictures by Gail Ann Photography   -  Above Centennial Videos by Klem Daniels of Klem Daniels Productions as well as Brad Chrisman and Trish Cosgrove

Group Hug 2017

Group Hug Photo
The Cenntennial Committee wishes to thank the following for their support:
Theresa Anderson, Chance Freeman, Amos Green, Meneshe Jewelers, Fred Moser, Patanjali, Libby Pfeiffer, Warren Pope,
Tracy Record, Patrick Robinson, Servants of the Rich Music, Jean Sherraad, Smith Brothers Dairy, LaShonna Williams, Art Wolfe, Wyatt Jewelers, Ray Fitzgibbons