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The Fauntleroy Community

We are thankful for you!
Thank you for being a part of our beloved Fauntleroy Schoolhouse community. YOU are what makes this community so special. And, we are here for YOU! We are your community gathering place where you can meet friends and neighbors.

Tenant of the Month

Ocean Light Zen Center

I would like to introduce our newest tenant, Ocean Light Zen Center! They practice every Sunday morning from 9am-11am in Room 4. We're so happy to have them join our community. You can learn more about their history & tradition at www.KwanumZen.org or email them at oceanlightzen@gmail.com to join their mailing list.

New at the Schoolhouse
Sweat Fitness

Sweat Fitness is now offering Therapeutic Message with Icyle Duran, LMP. Icyle practices Deep Tissue Work, Injury Message Therapy Treatment, Myofascial Release, Neuromuscular Therapy and much more.
If you're interested in learning more please contact Icyle at 425-409-3098 and Icyle.Duran Icyle.Duran.LMP@gmail.com.

The Fauntleroy Schoolhouse is turning 100 years young!
“A Century of Serving the Community”

SAVE the DATE;You're invited to come help celebrate the Fauntleroy Schoolhouse 100 years of serving the community. Sunday, May 21st, 2017, 11:30AM-3:00PM. Join the schoolhouse group at www.facebook.com/groups/Fauntleroy/ & on the website: www.fauntleroyschoolhousecentennial.org. Were doing a big group Hug Photo in front of the school at 11:30AM, raising the flag on our newly donated flagpole by Christy Gamrath and family & we'll have keynote speaker, Jim Whitaker along with music, food & fun!

Got Fauntleroy School memorabilia?

The Fauntleroy Schoolhouse turns 100 in 2017, and a planning committee is laying the groundwork for several celebrations leading up to 2017. Here’s what's needed:
  • Photos and memorabilia: Both donations and loans of materials are welcome. Please include names and year(s) spent at the school.
  • School alumni contact information. E-mail your contact information (e-mail or postal address), years of attendance, and how you were/are associated to the school.  Also if you have a past or present photo you would like to share, send that too!
  • Centennial event planning. All meetings are being held at the Schoolhouse in conference room A.
If you can help, e-mail faunt.schoolhouse100years@gmail.com .

Stop by the Schoolhouse office to see our Centennial T-Shirts and original Schoolhouse print created by Sue Madill.

For a suggested $20 donation you will receive one T-Shirt of your choice; for a suggested $50 donation you
have the choice of three T-Shirts or a copy of the original Schoolhouse print.