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West Seattle Neighborhood Chiropractic
West Seattle Neighborhood Chiropractic

West Seattle Neighborhood Chiropractic & the Fauntleroy
Schoolhouse Community Welcones Chris Northern, L,Ac!

Chris is a licensed Acupuncturist who specializes in treating a wide variety of conditions including acute & chronic pain, digestive issues, menopausal symptoms, gynecological, sleep disorders, the results of stress, and addiction.

        Chris Northern
"I believe that everyone has a unique gift and expression that they bring to the world, and that certain life events have a way of blocking that expression.

Acupuncture helped me unlock my gifts and expression. It would be my honor to help you unlock yours."

Chris graduated in 2021 with a Master’s in Acupuncture from Middle Way Acupuncture Institute in Mount Vernon, WA and is an NCCAOM board certified Acupuncturist. He currently practices as an associate of West Seattle Neighborhood Chiropractic in Room 5 of the historic Fauntleroy Schoolhouse.

Chris is currently studying under a Classical Five Element Acupuncturist with over 25 years of experience and is passionate about integrating this ancient form of medicine into the world of modern Acupuncture. Chris aspires to become a Doctor of Medical Qigong and has a five-year goal of earning his Doctorates in Chinese Medicine. In Chris’s off-time, he enjoys fly fishing, pack-rafting, hiking, backpacking, cooking, gardening, and practicing Qigong.